Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Only 25 more days!!!! AHHHH!!! :)

Alright, so I realized today that we only have 25 more days until the wedding! I'm really excited, but nervous about getting everything done. I now know the meaning of stress!!! Some things left to do:  (1) get my rings cleaned and soldered together (2) make music play list for the boat (3) steam dresses (4) make groom and best man's pins (5) stuff the parting gifts and I know there is more~but we can't wait to see everyone!

My folks are coming to see us this weekend and of course, it's suppose to rain :(...bummer. I wanted to show them around Asheville, but I guess next trip.

Hank's really picking up fly fishing. He loves the sport and I got my fishing license yesterday. I think Hank's friend, Brad, will be coming down to do a weekend of fishing with him the weekend before our wedding. We are excited to see Brad!

As for me, I'm trying to get ready to start some pre-med classes. I interviewed at a local Spa and may have a job as Massage Therapist lined up for the Summer...which is super exciting! I need to get some money coming in to pay for books and the minor fees that comes with school! Oh, I enrolled in a Summer Biology class that will be for a month and a week, meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning! I'm excited to start college again :)

We are really enjoying all the recreation Asheville has to offer. Believe it or not, but we have not been climbing since we moved here! Other than fishing and hiking, I did a 40 mile road bike ride last month in Brevard. I hardly saw any vehicles and felt alone the entire trip...it was really enjoyable and difficult at times. I am addicted to road biking now, I can't wait to get back out there and even hit the Blue Ridge when the weather permits! We have a pretty sweet apartment, we thought it would be too small at first but it's turning out to be perfect for the two of us.

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