Saturday, April 9, 2011

Boat tour on Lake Lure with my parents

So we headed down to Chimney Rock this morning with the intentions of hiking the Last of the Mohicans trail to the gi-normous waterfall. When we stopped at the Visitor's Center, we quickly found out that since the State bought the property, they aren't allowing the "normal" tours anymore. They are remodeling the area for safety reasons and do not have the elevator working, which means we would have to hike up to around 23 flights of stairs (a little too hardcore for us today). So, we wondered around a festival they had on the Visitor's Center lawn and signed up for the boat tour of Lake Lure. Come to find out, since the lake is privately owned, you can only the majority of it by water and they charge a $600 boat launching fee for "outsiders"...holy crap! It was really cool to hear the background and see the gorgous houses that are hidden within the lake. We also met the original owner of the Crab Shack in Folly Beach-Charleston, SC...he was our tour guide! We then drove back to Asheville, walked around Biltmore Village while dad took a nap on the couch. Mom convinced me to try gelato...*mmm*, there goes my diet! I had grapefruit flavored sorbet, which didn't have the eggs--still just as good and light!! We came home and had a big dinner to relax to a storm coming in....overall we had a great day!



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