Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Wedding Gifts to each other!

So we were deciding on what to do with the wedding money and we decided to use part of it for new road bikes!!!! I am so excited! We already put about 30 miles on them and I love mine! I know Hank is so in love with his as well!!! I ended up getting a Specialized Allez Elite and Hank got a steel framed Jamis Quest. We even splurged for the clip in pedals---I think we are going to go for a ride this weekend!!!!   Aren't they gorgeous?!

The Honeymoon~

We booked a 5 day cruise with Carnival to the Bahamas. We left Charleston, SC on May 9th and left for Freeport and Nassau. We had a little hiccup in the works, when we arrived super early to the cruise check in, we were told we needed our Birth Certificates! AHH, uh oh...we didn't have them and didn't have access to get them. After freaking out for 30 minutes (bc the cruise was not available for reschedule for a refund), I got the brilliant idea to convince the apartment complex office staff to go into our house and into our filing cabinet to get them and fax a copy to the cruise line. Wow...we were saved!!! So, we had to run back out and get in line again! So, we got started a little rocky---but we made it! Our room (217R) was very nice and small----so we instantly changed and headed on deck to get some lunch!


It was really cool because everything was covered (but the drinks) and it was so nice to just eat whenever and not worry about credit cards and cash....a brilliant idea. The boat offered a lot of fun things to participate in, but Hank and I wanted to just veg out by the pool. A little bummed because the pool was so crowded and small, so we found the adult deck with 2 hot tubs and hung out there for a while. Hank loved the fact that he could have ice cream anytime of the day/night!

So, like every other of us had to get sick. Hank started the trip with a virus that was pretty intense for 3 days, so we literally vegged out in the room and meandered around the decks some part of the day(s). After Hank started feeling better, we arrived in Freeport and took a cab to Lacaya. The funny thing is that the cab had to stop at the gas station to refill the tires, we had some serious rocking going on and anything over 20 mph was bumping! Port Lacaya was pretty cool, the locals were trying to scam the tourists by charging everyone $30 to get on the we talked to some locals at Port Lacaya (10 mins away) and they told us to go behind the Police station and it's free. So, we did get to get our feet wet. It was cool, we met some more honeymooners from the same cruise line and relax in some super salty water! It felt great, cold water in a hot hot summer day! We also purchased new salt and pepper shakers of two turtles doing the nasty and a hand made straw bag (seen below in the photos). After meandering around Port Lacaya and shopping, we decided to head back to the ship and grab some lunch (2pm). Since the cruise was leaving around 6pm, we just stayed on board and relaxed.
(Photos from Freeport)

The next day, Hank was really feeling much better! We arrived in Nassau (the capital) and was extremely disappointed! Everyone was harassing you to buy something or get your hair braided or whatever and very rude about it. If you didn't answer or respond to their obnoxious demands, they would make fun of you and threaten you. So we wandered around the city for about an hour (8am-9am) looking at the 10 million jewelry stores and the gift shops. We purchased a charm bracelet to remember the trip!
After we wondered the streets for an hour or so, we headed back to the ship and spent the entire day on the boat because it was soooo uncomfortable dealing with everyone on land. We were thinking about doing a tour, but everything was so expensive and the locals were super rude. It was fun though, we got to eat whenever and get on the slides! We still had fun that day and made the most of it!
(Photos from Nassau)

On the way back home, I got sick for the last 2 days. We hit 7-8ft seas and I suffered with some serious sea sickness! I was popping Dramamine like an addict and still sooo nautious. We tried staying busy like drinking and watching the shows, dining in the fancy area and attending some activities, but it didn't help. It was the worst sea sickness I have ever had and it was so bad they put our barf bags at every elevator. I kept hearing everyone (including staff and cruise veterans) that it's "never this rough"....ahhh, go figure!! First time on a cruise and last (I believe). We were so excited to arrive in Charleston, SC and head home to our cozy little mountain apartment :)   (Photos from the last night)