Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friday (Rehearsal Dinner at Shrimp Box) 4.29.2011

Wow, where to begin. Henry's parents treated anyone who wanted to come to Friday night's rehearsal dinner at the Shrimp Box. Everyone started arriving Friday afternoon at the hotel, the Point Pleasant Manor. OMG, the food was absolutely outstanding!!! We had a choice between a seafood trio (shrimp, scallops and fish filet with veggies and side), steak or fried/broiled shrimp platter. Again, the food was outstanding and it was so generous of Denise and Bruce to treat everyone...we truly appreciate their gracious gifts.

After the dinner, Denise and Bruce rented the 2 biggest rooms at the hotel to host an afterparty for Friday and Saturday. Hank and I were soooo tired, we stayed up a little on Friday, but crashed hard Saturday night. It was so great seeing everyone, especially together and enjoying each other's company! We had such a wonderful evening Friday and couldn't wait for Saturday!! We found it hard to sleep Friday night because of our nerves and we were so anxious!


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