Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Wedding

So dad and I arrived in Eran's rental car and waited anxiously for Sharon to give us a go! After everyone boarded the River Queen, dad and I slowly walked down the deck and onto the boat. I was so nervous, I barely remember anything. Since the ceremony happened upstairs, we had to walk up the stairs and through a tiny door to see everyone staring at me and Hank grinning from ear to ear about 30 feet away! It was magical! I never thought this would have been so emotional, but I had to do everything to prevent myself from crying! The ceremony lasted about 10 minutes and it was perfect~not too long and not too short! We said our vows and lit the unity candle then walked down the aisle together as Mr. & Mrs. Bauer!



We planned to leave the dock after the group photo on the bow, but things got a little hectic and Hank and I just walked inside and Eran introduced us as husband and wife. From there, we danced our first dance to Ingrid Michaelson-The Way I am. However, the best part is that no one knew that Hank and I rigged the song so that Michael Jackson's- Thriller cut in allowing us to do the dance! It was awesome, everyone started cheering and laughing, it was definitely so much fun!!!

Then we continued into the Toasts, leaded by Jesse then Michelle and Eran with Susan/Denise to finish. After that, we danced with our parents to "What a Wonderful World". Hank and I wanted to do something a little different, so we danced with our parents for the first half of the song (together on the dance floor) and finished with our spouses! It was so great because Charlotte came over to Hank and I to finish our dance together with her! She's such a doll!


From then, they started serving the delicious apps and we slowly moved downstairs for the awesome meal! And of course, we had the best gluten free cake ever!!!! We were nice to each other instead of slamming cake all over each other~it was very romantic!

What a gorgeous event that we will always remember and cherish! Our wedding was truly unique and absolutely amazing!!!!!!!

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